Is It Better to Rekey or Replace the Locks?

Lock rekeying

We all want our homes and workplaces to be secure, and nothing serves this purpose more effectively than robust locks installed on different doors. 

However, what if the locks installed on your doors have become old and worn out? Are you planning to get them changed/replaced, or are you thinking of getting them rekeyed?

In this article, we will discuss whether rekeying locks is better than lock replacement. 

So, without further ado, let’s explore which option is better.

Rekeying vs Replacement – Let’s Explore! 

What is Lock Rekeying? 

Lock rekeying is a simple process where a locksmith changes the internal pins on a lock, enabling it to work with an entirely new set of keys. Lock rekeying is a more affordable option compared to lock replacement because you don’t have to buy any new locks.

Many homeowners choose to rekey old locks because they don’t want to disturb the existing theme of their doors. It’s also a handy option when someone loses their original key, or it gets stolen.

What are the Pros and Cons of Lock Rekeying? 

Pro: Budget-Friendly Security

Rekeying a lock is a wallet-friendly alternative to full lock replacement. 

With costs ranging from $20 to $60, it’s an affordable way to increase home security without breaking the bank.

Pro: Swift and Simple Solution

Beyond cost-effectiveness, rekeying is a quick and straightforward process. 

A skilled locksmith can complete the task in as little as 10 minutes, providing homeowners with a convenient and efficient security upgrade.

Con: Temporary Fix for Faulty Locks

While rekeying is economical and speedy, it’s not a cure-all. 

It won’t address underlying issues with a worn-out lock mechanism. If your lock is showing signs of wear, such as stickiness or unreliability, a complete lock replacement is a more durable solution.

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What is Lock Replacement? 

Lock change or replacement is the process of changing the entire lock assembly in a door or multiple doors on the property. It’s often done when the lock has completely worn out.

A lock change or lock replacement, on the contrary, is a more cost-effective process and may require a bit of an investment. A person who is opting for lock replacement may need to change the entire locks at their respective property. A lock change is pretty much the same as getting new locks. There are plenty of brands available in the market, such as Kwikset, Yale, Schlage, Mul-T-Lock, Baldwin, and so on.

Homeowners most often choose lock replacement over lock rekeying when they:

  1. Don’t want to risk security.
  2. Want to change the lock theme.
  3. Simply want to redesign home security.

What are the Pros and Cons of Lock Change? 

Pro: Boost Security with New Locks

Upgrading your home’s security is a key benefit of changing locks. Opt for options like deadbolts, keypads, and smart or biometric locks for added protection.

Con: Costly Upgrade for New Doors

Changing locks can be pricey, considering both the locksmith’s fee and the expense of new, especially advanced, locks. It’s a security boost, but it’s essential to budget for the upgrade, especially for new house doors.

Deciding When to Rekey or Replace Your Locks?

In many situations, people often opt for lock rekeying instead of lock replacement because rekeying is affordable and will suffice in case you lose a home key or it gets stolen.

Only when your locks have started showing signs of deterioration is getting a lock replacement an ideal choice. You can simply swap the old lock models with the new ones for a renewed sense of security.

Concluding Paragraph 

Deciding whether you should choose lock rekeying or lock replacement can be a challenging task. While we can often explore the options, we may not be entirely sure which is a more suitable solution.

If you’re wondering whether it’s better to rekey locks or replace them, it’s best to hire a certified professional to perform an assessment. At Tuxford Lock n Key, we have certified locksmiths who can take care of the job most proficiently. Want to hire a locksmith? Reach out to our company.