Can I Cut My Own Car Keys

Cut My Own Car Keys

Can I cut my own car keys?” is a question that people frequently ask in a world where do-it-yourself initiatives are growing in popularity. Like a lot of things, the answer isn’t as easy as yes or no. 

 But it’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this project before jumping in wholeheartedly. This informational blog will go into the nuances of key cutting, its difficulties, and whether or not it’s a job best left to experts. 

The Evolution in Car Keys 

The days of basic metal keys that opened only automobile doors are long gone. Transponder keys are frequently used in modern cars, especially those produced in the late 1990s. These clever keys have an embedded microchip that connects to the immobilizer system of your vehicle and has a special security code. Even a finely cut key blade won’t start your engine without this encoded chip. 

In older cars without transponder keys, making a duplicate key could be a workable solution. The locksmiths physically imitate the tooth pattern of your original key using a blank key that matches the make and model of your car. However, this procedure simply deals with the mechanical part of turning on the ignition and opening the doors. It will not offer remote features that the original key fob may have included, such as trunk release and central locking. 

Gaining Knowledge of Key Cutting 

Priority should be given to comprehending the nature of key cutting. Making a duplicate key that is identical to the original so you can start and drive your car is known as key cutting. Historically, auto locksmiths or specialist key-cutting businesses have handled this work with precision equipment. 

Pros and Cons of Do-It-Yourself Key Cutting 

Although cutting your automobile keys is theoretically feasible, there are a few things to think about before you do so. Being technically feasible, cutting your automobile keys comes with risks and challenges. 


  • Savings On Costs: The possibility of financial savings is one of the most tempting features of do-it-yourself key cutting. Expert locksmith services can be a little costly, particularly for vehicles with unique locks or complex key types. You might potentially save a sum of money by cutting your keys. 
  • Convenience: By cutting your keys, you can avoid the hassle of making locksmith appointments or waiting for new keys to be supplied. If you have the necessary tools, you can make a duplicate key whenever it’s convenient for you. 
  • Learning Experience: Taking on significant cutting projects on your own can be a great educational experience. It gives you the chance to gain practical knowledge by comprehending the workings of the locks and keys on your car. 


  • Precision and Skill: Precision and ability are needed for key cutting, which is a precise process. A slight variation in dimensions or angles can lead to a non-functional key or harm your car’s door locks or ignition system. 
  • Risk of Damage: There’s a good chance that you might break a lock or break a crucial component on your car if you don’t have the right training and experience. Such damage can be expensive car key repair or replacement and may need expert assistance. 
  • Security Issues: Your car’s security may be compromised by improperly cut keys. If the key is not cut properly, it may not fit into the lock tightly, leaving it open to manipulation or unwanted entry. 

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Tools and Resources Needed 

If you’re thinking of doing your key cutting, you’ll need the right tools and supplies. Online retailers provide a variety of key-cutting machines, from entry-level manual ones to higher-end computerized variants. You’ll also need the equipment required for shaping and finishing the key, as well as key blanks that fit the make and model of your car. 

Potential Risks Involved 

  • Voiding Warranty: Attempting to cut your keys, especially if you damage the ignition or door locks in the process, may void your car’s warranty if it is still under warranty. 
  • Security Concerns: Incorrectly cut keys cannot work properly, jeopardizing your car’s security. And if your do-it-yourself cut keys are discovered, someone might steal your automobile. 
  • Legal Implications: Cutting automobile keys without the required certification or authorization may be prohibited in some areas. Learn the rules and restrictions in your area before doing any do-it-yourself key cutting. 

Going for DIY Key-Cutting but Why? 

Even though doing your key cutting could seem like a practical and affordable alternative, it’s essential to recognize the value of professional auto locksmith services, such as those offered by TUXFORD Lock N Key. Professional locksmiths are known for their attention to detail, specific expertise, and precision equipment—all of which are necessary for key cutting. Without the required experience, attempting to cut your automobile keys might result in expensive errors and security hazards. Remember that the discomfort and potential costs resulting from programming errors or compatibility issues may outweigh the initial cost savings of trying do-it-yourself solutions or using unreliable internet sellers.